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IDC provides the full range of architectural services. Our unique method of management provides facility solutions based on overall success of our customers business by linking experts from numerous disciplines into a coordinated project team. We tackle projects of all sizes, in all fields of our areas of operation and have a flexible approach to the ways in which we are appointed. Housing:IDC has broad expertise in housing, especially in the low income group and provides a comprehensive approach to housing issues. Environmental Accessibility and specialist facilities for the disabled:IDC have a special commitment to the development of an accessible environment and are developing new standards to address the disability deficiency in our society.

Research & Development

IDC’s principals are internationally recognised, and undertake research into all fields of our areas of operation. All research is applied to direct planning and development.

Computer Aided Design

IDC operates the Computer Aided Design and Drafting System (CADD), internationally regarded as the most feasible and advanced system of its time. These include Archicad, Autocad and Revit programmes. Other programmes are Artlantis rendering suite and sketchup.

Community Project Management & Facilitation Services

To facilitate the establishment of structures within communities, which will assist in prioritising development needs, as well as facilitating access to funding and ensuring that communities are trained, with a view to empower them to be self reliant. To ensure the smooth running on promotion of sustainable integrated development of the people of South Africa (especially in the Eastern Cape) with a special focus on individuals and communities disadvantaged by apartheid and other injustices of the past.


IDC  and “Lord Cultural Resources” have formed a joint venture to bring  our  combined expertise together, to facilitate the planning and design  of  museums, community cultural  centres, art galleries, historic sites  and tourist  attractions in the new South Africa. “Lord Cultural Resources” is an International firm specializing in the planning and  management of cultural and heritage facilities, with offices in Canada, the United States, London, Vienna, Singapore and Australia.

IDC  operates in direct association with Lord Cultural Resources. This provides our consultancy with extensive international expertise in the field of developing historic sites, exhibitions, interactive interpretive centres and cultural facilities. All consulting is charged at South African rates and this affords our clients cost effective specialized services in the field.